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‘Insanely stupid’ down time hurts Verizon in rivalry with Amazon, IBM and Microsoft, says analyst

Verizon is warning users of its new cloud service to brace for a two-day outage late last week. The company confirmed that its new cloud service, Verizon Cloud, was shut down for maintenance … Continue reading

January 13, 2015 · Leave a comment

Google, Verizon ink global patent deal to nix future litigation risks

Google‘s dream for a world with freer restrictions on patents continues through a new agreement forged with Verizon Wireless. Details were minimal when the global patent deal was announced on … Continue reading

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Verizon fires back at FCC over data throttling

Here’s the 10-word paraphrase of Verizon’s response to federal regulators’ complaints over how it throttles data speeds: “We ain’t done nuttin’ wrong, so stop pickin’ on us!” That’s the gist … Continue reading

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NASA collects about a half million buddy lists and email inboxes in a typical day

On a typical day, the NSA collects about 500,000 buddy lists and inboxes (which seems to refer to address books), according to the documents. But the number is also sometimes … Continue reading

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T-Mobile CEO: Customers Pay More, Get Less With AT&T Next

T-Mobile chief executive officer John Legere has publicly condemned AT&T Next, calling the new service “smoke and mirrors,” “a poor copycat,” and warning potential subscribers that the carrier charges more and … Continue reading

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want to Upgrade your smart phones YEARLY…AT&T and Verizon make it easier

Both AT&T and Verizon are to make it easier for subscribers to get the latest iPhone handset, thanks to the forthcoming availability of two interesting, new products: “AT&T Next” and … Continue reading

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