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The latest tablet data from research firm IDC has gone from bad to worse

In February, IDC reported a 3.2 percent drop in Q4 2014 tablet shipments, marking the industry’s first ever year-over-year decline. But at the time, the research firm left a sliver … Continue reading

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IT budgets are expected to increase by only 1% in 2015

A strange thing happened at most companies last year as they were planning their 2015 IT budgets: They largely left out the new resources required for IT to undergo an … Continue reading

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Wearables shipments forecast to rise from 19.6 to 45.7 million by end of 2015

The promise of wearables has not yet been realized, but according to an IDC report 2015 may be the year we finally see widespread adoption. IDC states that 19.6 million … Continue reading

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It turns out the world’s largest retailer is also the world’s biggest IT spender.

According to a new IDC report, the world’s largest companies spent $895 billion on technology in 2014 — with discount retail giant Walmart taking the spending crown. Bank of America … Continue reading

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How to use Blur’s Private Search with Google

Blur’s Private Search is ideal for anyone who wants more privacy with their search habits, those who want to make it harder for advertising dollar-chasers to collect and sell your … Continue reading

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Public Cloud Storage Can Be Efficient, But the Potential is Still Limited

Public cloud storage can be a cost efficient alternative to rolling your own, but observers warn that it isn’t a cure all. Price is the lure. Even if you have … Continue reading

January 15, 2015 · 1 Comment

Are PC Hard Drives Destined to Die at the Hand of the Cloud? Maybe

As more and more users store their data on the Internet, does the need for local hard drives diminish? Fortunately for hard drive makers, the answer is a definite maybe, … Continue reading

January 15, 2015 · 1 Comment