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Google will now allow users to use any name they want across Google services

In a dramatic turnaround from policy created — and enforced  — three years ago, Google has now reversed its “real names” policy. Users can now use any name they want across Google services. The … Continue reading

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How sites secretly collect your data – and how to stop it

What we didn’t expect was to find that Facebook played with the emotions of 689,000 of us during one week in January 2012. The scientists involved found, by rigging the users’ news … Continue reading

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Australian Facebook users can expect their feeds to be infiltrated by television-like commercials as the social media giant looks for new sources of revenue

  Facebook has announced its Premium Video Ads will begin running in Australia and six other countries including the UK and Canada. The 15-second video ads will appear in users’ … Continue reading

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Facebook users whose accounts that may be compromised will be offered antivirus scanning and removal from the site, using F-Secure and Trend Micro security

Receiving spam messages or malicious links from your friends is not uncommon for anyone who uses social media services.  Now Facebook has announced fresh moves to combat it, by notifying … Continue reading

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Facebook Users think they will get access to their friends’ accounts, but their account is hacked instead

Symantec has seen another round of a ham-fisted but surprisingly successful attack that targets Facebook users hoping to break into their friends’ accounts. The seed of the scam is a … Continue reading

May 1, 2014 · 1 Comment

Cisco has put out to pasture its WebEx Social ESN (enterprise social networking) suite, opting instead to partner with Jive Software

Cisco and Jive are marketing a bundle that includes Cisco’s WebEx Meetings and Jabber for online meetings, Web conferencing, IM and audio/video communications and Jive’s ESN software, which provides “Facebook … Continue reading

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