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We Will See Another Burst Of Internet Slowdowns And Sites Becoming Unavailable As We Did Last Week

The good news is that the Internet’s behaving itself today. The bad news is that by November we will see another burst of Internet slowdowns and sites becoming unavailable as … Continue reading

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If you found your Internet speed has been pathetic lately and some sites wouldn’t load at all, you’re not alone.

Many tier-one Internet service providers (ISPs), and in turn, the last mile ISPs they support, experienced technical problems that resulted in bad service throughout the US and some parts of … Continue reading

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Mozilla’s website for developers leaked email addresses and encrypted passwords of registered users for about a month due to a database error

Email addresses for 76,000 Mozilla Development Network (MDN) users were exposed, along with around 4,000 encrypted passwords, wrote Stormy Peters, director of development relations, and Joe Stevensen, operations security manager … Continue reading

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A Solution for Public Wi-Fi Security Problem has been in The Works for Some Time But is Still Not Ready for Most

Considering how important Wi-Fi is and how widespread it has become, security for Wi-Fi has been a fairly static field for years. There are many problems with the protocols and … Continue reading

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Why all businesses should care about ‘slow lane’ Internet

  While there’s been a massive outpouring of comments on the FCC’s noxious Internet “fast lane” proposal, they’ve generally come from either private individuals or technology businesses with a stake in … Continue reading

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Today Malware is Big Business for Cyber Criminals

The availability of exploitation kits, malware-as-a-service, rogue anti-malware software (AKA “scareware”), and other tools have made it too easy for unscrupulous individuals and criminal groups to infiltrate home and business … Continue reading

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Google will pay researchers to report information about vulnerabilities in third-party programs

Google has created a new project for funding vulnerability research, Project Zero. According to Chris Evans, “Researcher Herder” at Google, the objective of Project Zero is to reduce the number of people harmed … Continue reading

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