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Facebook privacy functions aren’t actually all that easy or intuitive

Although Facebook is most prominently known for being a digital hub for just about sharing anything and everything (to a fault), the social network realizes some users want to keep … Continue reading

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Facebook engineers boasted that mcrouter can also work in an Amazon Web Services setup based on Instagram’s deployment.

Facebook is kicking off the week with a number of new bullet points on its open source agenda. Introduced at the @Scale technical summit in San Francisco on Monday, the … Continue reading

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Facebook tweaks News Feed again to surface ‘right content’

Facebook posted another update to the News Feed on Thursday in another attempt to ensure the “right content” is surfaced and bumped up to the top for the right people. … Continue reading

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Messenger app users worry how Facebook uses a device’s phone, camera

  Facebook ignited a flood of criticism last week when it began requiring mobile users to load its Messenger app for Android and iOS separate from its basic Facebook app. … Continue reading

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How sites secretly collect your data – and how to stop it

What we didn’t expect was to find that Facebook played with the emotions of 689,000 of us during one week in January 2012. The scientists involved found, by rigging the users’ news … Continue reading

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Facebook says it had permission to run its emotion altering study even without the term “research” in its data use policy, however.

Facebook didn’t include the term “research” in its policy on the use of personal data until four months after its ’emotional contagion’ experiment on nearly 700,000 unwitting users had concluded. … Continue reading

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