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Stellar Phoenix Solutions dba easySERVICE Data Solutions provides comprehensive and cutting edge Information Technology solutions on demand that solve the business challenges that impede progress and stifle growth. Our engineers have the required skill set and hands on experience to ensure the highest level of stability, security and integrity.

easySERVICE™ is a special  program in which, Unlike other IT firms; we do not provide cookie cutter solutions. We know our clients require personalized attention with a custom built IT solution. Our experienced team of system engineers, solution architects and technicians can support any business goal, add depth to internal infrastructure and provide additional brain-power during critical project periods.

Our managed services are designed to proactively monitor the internal systems of your entire IT infrastructure, so problems can be found before they cause downtime for your business. Leveraging a Managed Services Provider enables a business to access highly experienced, well-trained IT professionals with superior resources at their disposal. This access is often at a fraction of the cost of building an in-house IT support department. With the help of easySERVICE Data Services, organizations can now affordably and confidently scale their data protection strategy with the enterprise-level architecture of Backup Management Suite with following benefits:

  • Agentless backup, recovery and replication
  • Scalability for global data centers, remote/branch (ROBO) offices and thousands of VMs
  • Simplified deployment and automatic balancing of workloads
  • Storage agnostic
  • Support for multi-hypervisor environments
  • Instant VM recovery
  • Automated verification of backups and replicas
  • Built-in WAN acceleration for getting backups offsite up to 50x faster
  • Backup and recovery from storage snapshots for dramatically improved RPOs and easy restores
  • Integrated support for VMware vCloud Director
  • Self-service recovery of files and VMs

This especially designed backup solution helps small to medium sized organizations meet RPOs and RTOs, save time, eliminate risks and dramatically reduce capital and operational costs. It is as organizations look for a backup software solution that meets these seven criteria of providing the highest levels of protection for VMs as it now offers protection for the entire IT infrastructure—be it physical Windows servers or any virtual machines.

We offer services like

Business Continuity

  1. Business Continuity as a Service(BCaaS)
  2. Disaster Recovery as a Service(DRaaS)
  3. Managed Cloud
  4. Virtualization Service
  5. Data Archiving

Data Recovery

  1. Data Recovery Services

Maintenance and Monitor

  1. Server
  2. Desktop
  3. Device
  4. Backup
  5. Cloud
  6. Network

By our easySERVICE™ program our focus is not just on data loss prevention and data protection but we also have capability to successfully recover data from all kinds of data loss. Our 24/7 remote monitoring not just minimize costs for our clients they also maximizes the success and quality of data protection.

Whether you are looking for easySERVICE™ Disaster Recovery Planning or solutions for your unique IT requirements, we have a solution specially designed for you. No matter the size of your business, you will always get the kind of support that goes far beyond the ordinary. At easySERVICE™ Data Solutions, we have collected our most noteworthy resources in one convenient disaster recovery guide to answer all your questions and help you decide the right move for you.

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