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Is a hybrid cloud environment a good solution for backup and disaster recovery?

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In my opinion, a hybrid cloud environment is the cloud home run for many reasons, the least of which are business continuance, business resilience,disaster recovery and backup. The simple reason is that it provides the flexibility of spanning local as well as remote storage.

Hybrid clouds allow you to have options, particularly if you leverage public cloud as more of a destination for backup. In other words, you can start to use the cloud for more than just a target where you dump data in case you need it. That sets the stage for using the cloud to actually restore or restart, resume, rebuild, reconstitute and reconstruct your on-premises environment in case of disaster recovery.

A hybrid cloud environment is also a home run for the fact that you can balance what resources you currently have. You can leverage the infrastructure that you currently work with, you can protect what you currently have, and also leverage the capabilities of the cloud to enhance the environment, whether it’s for cloud storage, cloud backup or cloud compute. Ideally you can start to build an active, resilient environment, where ultimately you can start to use both the cloud and your on-premises storage.

If you start to actively utilize the cloud in a hybrid way, you start to use both sites. The environment becomes more of an asset because you can use it in different ways.

Source: Associated Press


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