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Dropbox aims to garner at least one million business users in Japan over the next five years.


Dropbox for Business is setting its sights overseas, plotting an expansion in to Japan thanks to a new partnership forged with SoftBank.

The cloud storage provider aims to garner at least one million business users in Japan over the next five years.

SoftBank has been tapped as the primary reseller and distributor for Dropbox services in Japan through its Commerce and Service Corporation unit.

But Dropbox is also strengthening its Business API and app ecosystem in a swath of other deals with 13 Japanese service providers to satisfy additional local security and compliance requirements.

SoftBank has proven to be a go-to launch pad for American tech companies moving into that market, either directly or indirectly in the case of the multi-billion Sprint merger in 2013.

The Japanese market is an opportune one for enterprise software and cloud providers, from those already established there such as to marking the next global expansion stop as previously acknowledged by Box, among others.

SoftBank has also planted investment seeds beyond its borders, including more than $800 million in pledged funds last fall to two Indian e-commerce companies, Snapdeal and ANI Technologies, as part of its 10-year investment plan for India.

Dropbox reps asserted the San Francisco-based private company’s existing footprint in Japan, already counting nearly 10 million users on the platform since opening up an office last October.

While not all of those customers are using the cloud-based services for business purposes, Dropbox boasted a few prominent Japanese companies already subscribed, including advertising agency Dentsu and mobile gaming company Alim.

Source: Associated Press


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