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Key advantages that Cloud Backup can offer your business


Switching to a cloud-based backup system is an important decision that requires a clear understanding of how such a solution will integrate into your business. Over the last decade, cloud backup, recovery and restore options have emerged as secure, cost-effective and reliable solutions. Here are seven key advantages that cloud backup, recovery and restore can offer your business.

  1. Lower total cost of ownership: A cloud backup, recovery and restore solution takes advantage of your existing infrastructure, so you don’t need to buy or install expensive equipment. Cloud backup software integrates with IT environments to locate and prioritize files for backup, and then securely transmits encrypted copies of those files to offsite data centers. This result in a lower total cost of ownership compared to the purchase and maintenance of complex tape backup systems.
  2. Improved reliability and speed of recovery: Having a backup solution is meaningless without a rapid and reliable method of recovering and restoring data. A cloud backup and recovery system instantly restores data regardless of your location, including individual files, the most common type of data recovery. By working with a managed service provider, you can establish Recovery Time Objectives and Recovery Point Objectives that match your business requirements.
  3. More secure method of file transfer: Files selected for backup are encrypted before transmission to a cloud vault and remain encrypted once they reach their destination. The only decryption key resides with the customer, and these safeguards are superior to unencrypted on-premise data backup and recovery systems.
  4. Reduced operating and administrative costs: Once you select a backup schedule, company data is saved automatically, providing an unobtrusive and transparent solution. This “set it and forget it” model results in less operational and administrative management for data backup.
  5. Smarter use of IT resources: A cloud backup, recovery and restore solution allows your business to redirect IT resources to more pressing challenges or strategic initiatives within your organization. The built-in scalability of cloud backup makes it easy to evolve as your business data environment grows and changes.
  6. Stronger compliance safeguards: Although your company will continue to assume liability for data security when moving to cloud backup, a provider using multiple data centers that are geographically diverse can offer a backup solution with more reliability and redundancy than tape backup.
  7. Eliminates the shortcomings of tape backup: Tape backups are often expensive, vulnerable to obsolescence and can be lost or stolen when being transported off-site. Also, recovering data from a tape system can be slow process, especially if a tape needs to be retrieved from an off-site vault.

Recurring revenue, attractive profit margins, customer retention and the opportunity to grab new business makes managed backup a highly lucrative addition to your managed services portfolio.

So why is managed backup such a lucrative business today?

Business-data growth is one of the main reasons. Managed Service Providers (MSPs) report customer data growth of 1-2% per month in many business segments. If you’re delivering backup services, you’ll be contracting services for 12-24% more data annually – without having to invest significantly more resources in sales and marketing.

Compliance is another log on the fire. Financial institutions, retailers, and healthcare organizations simply can’t meet regulatory requirements with traditional backup practices. That’s where your cloud backup and recovery offering steps in!

We understand that reputation and quality are critical to business success and we don’t want you to ever have to comprise on that.  Our especially designed backup solution helps small to medium sized organizations meet RPOs and RTOs, save time, eliminate risks and dramatically reduce capital and operational costs.

At easySERVICE™ Data Solutions, our hybrid cloud delivers strategic advantages to the business by redirecting resources from lights-on to innovation. Only an open hybrid cloud delivers full strategic business value from cloud computing because it is the only approach that:

  • Enables portability of applications and data across cloud
  • Fully leverages existing IT investments and avoid creating new silos
  • Spans physical servers, multiple virtual platforms, and the broadest choice of public cloud
  • Provides portability of applications and life cycle management of those applications across heterogeneous infrastructures
  • Allows organizations to evolve towards the cloud, delivering incremental IT value along the way
  • Keeps organizations firmly in control of their own technology strategy

At the end of the day, we want to ensure that your easySERVICE-powered backup service is profitable, low risk and easy to get to market.


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