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Why Solid State Drive over a regular Hard Drive?

Stellar Phoenix Solutions

Do you trans code video, copy large amounts of data, or run your own Web server? If you consistently perform I/O-intensive tasks, SSDs are a great way to improve speed. But even if you only browse the Internet, SSDs still offer tangible benefits in performance and power. A disk-based drive will always consume more power.

Top 5 reasons SSDs are better than conventional hard drives:

Image of SATA SSD from Viking Modular called S... Image of SATA SSD (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  • Faster Performance: SSDs are built using flash memory chips, much like those in a digital camera memory card. These chips allow systems to boot up to 45% faster and load programs up to 67% faster than a conventional hard drive in the same computer.
  • Longer Battery Run-Time: SSDs use up to 46% less power, allowing your laptop battery to last longer.
  • Resistant to Impact, Vibration & Extreme Environments: SSDs are many times more resistant to damage from an impact (such as…

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