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Is Mac Really Virus Free? Mac’s reputation for being virus-free has outlasted the reality.

Stellar Phoenix Solutions

For decades, Mac users enjoyed a major advantage over Windows users ‒‒ a general immunity to viruses, worms and Trojans. Apple Inc., in fact, has long cashed in on its reputation for being largely invulnerable to security breeches.

But times have changed. In recent months, Mac users have become familiar with the Flashback virus, a malware program that has infected more than 600,000 Macsworldwide ‒‒ about 1 percent of all Macs, according to an article on Apple quickly came under fire for failing to foresee a set of flaws in Java that failed to detect malicious code.

Complicating things is the rising popularity of various handheld Apple products ‒‒ most notably the iPhone and iPad ‒‒ that put the Internet directly into consumers’ hands.  And, Macs have risen to a vital plateau ‒ they now account for more than 5 percent of the market, which, according…

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