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How Does My Colocation Provider Ensure Security And Compliance?

Network Security

As you design your environment to be secure, don’t forget the importance of physical security measures in the data center. Your provider should use current technologies like biometric scanners, card readers and video monitors, as well as mantraps, to prevent unauthorized access. Installing your own cameras with the ability to remotely monitor the activity in your colocation cage not only enhances security but is also an efficient way to better control your environment — and that should be something your provider can enable.

People add a layer of security, too; providers that staff their centers 24/7 with trained security personnel, instead of relying solely on automated systems, offer an important extra level of protection.

Beyond the physical security of the center, look for providers than can augment your security with services like DDoS protection, network security and threat detection. Professional services that can test, evaluate and remediate security vulnerabilities can help you increase your ability to withstand intrusions.

Your provider should also be compliant with any regulatory requirements for your industry and know the ins and outs in a continually shifting regulatory environment. The data centers should be compliant with SSAE 16 service controls. Publically traded companies should seek providers that meet SOX. Any company providing ecommerce needs to meet PCI security standards.

If you are in an industry that requires specific compliance credentials, such as FISMA in financial services, or HIPAA for healthcare providers, make sure your provider can meet these stringent requirements.

If you need colocation services in a geographic location that has high risk factors, make sure your provider has addressed them. For example, if you are locating resources in an area prone to earthquake activity, the data center you select should use seismic-compliant construction techniques.

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