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Importance Of Data Center Location Of A Colocation Provider


A data center that is close to your company’s offices is a common requirement for companies shopping for colocation services. But the advantages go well beyond providing easy access for your staff. Proximity to your location can help improve the performance of your IT infrastructure. If you are sending large volumes of data from your primary site to your colocation environment, distance matters. A site that is physically close reduces data replication issues.

Minimizing latency delays has always been important for application performance. As chatty applications — meaning those applications that wait for server acknowledgment or perform a number of small transactions — continue to become widespread, any latency issues become exacerbated and can severely impact performance. Proximity can help reduce the effect these latencies have on your applications.

In addition to having a center close by, the ability to tap into a network of other centers can help make your IT more resilient. Look for a provider that has a data center near you and also has multiple options to provide locations that are as far away as required from your primary site.

When you can deploy colocation environments across geographies to back up data, run additional instances of applications and circumvent local weather or power disruptions, you have a solid foundation for business continuity planning. If you need to deploy colocation environments in other locations, a provider with a global footprint will more likely be present in the major markets you need to serve.

When it comes to the availability of physical space, make sure that the provider has additional capacity in case you need to build out your environment. Having the option to expand your space in the future can save you significant time and costs, compared with deploying with a different provider or moving to another data center.

Look for providers that are well funded to invest in additional build-outs for the data center. Providers that do their builds on a modular basis keep a tighter control on costs but are ready to expand to meet client needs.

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