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Does My Colocation Provider Have A Wide Breadth Of Capabilities?


For most companies, colocation is only one part of a bigger IT picture — you shouldn’t think of it in isolation. Consider your selection of a colocation provider in the context of how your entire IT infrastructure impacts your business. In addition to colocation services, many companies require capabilities like managed hosting, and are developing cloud solutions. A partner that can offer all of these services, one with expertise across the entire portfolio, can help you achieve a flexible, better-performing infrastructure.

For example, companies that begin with basic colocation services often find they can benefit from using other services from their provider like managed storage and security.

Providers with expertise in these areas can help companies ensure they have the specialized skills required to manage these capabilities. Many companies that utilize colocation also decide that, for some environments, it makes sense to have their provider manage the hardware while they retain management of applications. Having the option to expand from colocation services to managed hosting in the same provider data center can ease migration complexities and offer fast deployment of flexible solutions.

Like most companies today, you’re probably considering moving some IT environments to the cloud — or you’ve already made that move. That means you need to consider how your cloud strategy will impact your choice of colocation provider. Clients leaning toward hybrid cloud solutions need the ability to manage and move workloads between self-managed environments, provider-based private clouds and public clouds. Different services don’t always work together seamlessly; having these environments within the same data center, or dispersed across data centers that are owned and managed by the same provider, can help your organization begin to integrate cloud services with a controlled, systematic process.

Cloud services will continue to grow as part of the IT solution set, but many organizations will continue to have a need for colocation as part of their infrastructure. The future will likely see many side-by-side colocation and cloud environments.

Your colocation provider should understand the capabilities of a cloud-based system and be able to work across both types of environments. While a range of colocation providers now offer cloud services, make sure your provider has the experience and knowledge to work with you across all these service areas and can provide unbiased advice and consultation for your specific requirements.

In addition to offering this broad range of capabilities, look for a provider that can be flexible on the terms and conditions of your contract. The market and what’s available are constantly changing, as are your business’s needs. There is great value in working with a provider that enables you to move across different environments, allowing you to flexibly meet your contractual commitments if you want to move from colocation to managed, or even to cloud. Migrating to a new, more advanced or more efficient solution should not trigger a financial penalty.

Cloud technology allows companies to plan for this type of disaster by having several suppliers available to replace those unable to meet demand requirements. Today, many of the high-tech companies with a concentrated supply of goods in Thailand have embraced diversification and cloud to ensure they have a backup source for parts. By creating an agile supply network, they can assess inventory in the supply chain and expedite and re-route as necessary.

Our cloud-like server is both persistent and highly elastic. You get the best of both worlds since it looks and feel like a traditional server but is on-demand and better than cloud. So no matter what you need something simple or something highly customized and complex, we bring the expertise, support and services that no other provider can deliver.

Whether you are looking for easySERVICE™ Disaster Recovery Planning or solutions for your unique IT requirements, we have a solution specially designed for you. No matter the size of your business, you will always get the kind of support that goes far beyond the ordinary. At easySERVICE™ Data Solutions, we have collected our most noteworthy resources in one convenient disaster recovery guide to answer all your questions and help you decide if launching a DRaaS offering is the right move for you.


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