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Don’t Live in Fear of Your Cloud Storage Provider Going Out Of Business


The announcement last year that cloud storage provider closing up shop set off a wave of hysteria in the IT world and sparked speculation about the viability of cloud storage as an option for businesses.

The fear is understandable given the value of business data. However, with proper contingency planning and a solid backup/disaster recovery plan, such a closure doesn’t have to be a big deal.

This has not first time — it has happened before. Just to name a few, EMC, Sun, Iron Mountain, a lot of ‘big’ companies have shut down solutions — even cloud storage solutions- shuttered divisions, and ended the lifecycle of products with a huge install base.

Sometimes scale of the shutdown is large; Nirvanix hosted around 40 petabytes of data. According to partners and customers, when Nirvanix announced it would be closing, they gave customers approximately two weeks to move their data.

Just like with traditional storage implementations, cloud consumers have — or at least should have — disaster recovery and backup plans in place to handle such an event, he says, whether that’s an off-site storage facility, a second cloud deployment to which backups are stored, or some combination of both.

Our easySERVICE™ Program helps organizations design, build, migrate, manage, and protect their Cloud-based environments. This especially designed backup solution helps small to medium sized organizations meet RPOs and RTOs, save time, eliminate risks and dramatically reduce capital and operational costs.

What can you do to make sure that a provider shutdown won’t affect your company’s data or your customers’ data? Backup, backup, backup. These capabilities already are built into easySERVICE storage solutions, with the capability to mirror data to backup solutions seamlessly, to keep multiple copies of data, and to ensure data integrity.

It’s been our a mantra for years — back up your data. Have a solid, tested, dependable backup and recovery plan. Make sure you have the bandwidth to quickly move your data, and perform regular migration assessments to make sure that if something like this happens again, that you’ll be able to handle it quickly.

At easySERVICE™ Data Solutions, our hybrid cloud delivers strategic advantages to the business by redirecting resources from lights-on to innovation. Only an open hybrid cloud delivers full strategic business value from cloud computing because it is the only approach that:

  • Enables portability of applications and data across cloud
  • Fully leverages existing IT investments and avoid creating new silos
  • Spans physical servers, multiple virtual platforms, and the broadest choice of public cloud
  • Provides portability of applications and life cycle management of those applications across heterogeneous infrastructures
  • Allows organizations to evolve towards the cloud, delivering incremental IT value along the way
  • Keeps organizations firmly in control of their own technology strategy



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