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Why CIOs Are Switching To Hybrid IT Services


Challenge: Flexible alignment with rapidly changing market conditions and customer behavior.

As CIOs develop their hybrid IT strategies, businesses are also looking for the option to access advanced services including managed and cloud services as well as high-speed IP connectivity all within the same data center as their co-located equipment. This helps ensure lower latency and eases management and integration.

Key to a hybrid IT strategy is the ability to integrate outsourced and in-house IT services to ensure smooth delivery of business capabilities to users. Not surprisingly, in the survey of 550 IT leaders, 46 percent said their top priority when selecting an outsourcing supplier was the ability to provide end-to-end IT solutions — from assessments and planning, through delivery, to ongoing management and optimization. The next-highest priorities were scalability and expertise to help businesses at every stage of the outsourcing and application lifecycle (17 percent) and breadth and depth of services portfolio, so companies can tap into new services as business requirements change (15 percent).

At stake: Most companies cannot keep up with business agility demands using the old, unwieldy IT model of building and operating data centers.

The old IT model of building and operating data centers on your own has simply become too unwieldy for most firms. Instead, many CIOs are choosing data center colocation services as the first step on their infrastructure outsourcing journey. This is not only because of the high capital expense and expertise required to build data centers, but also because it can take months or years to bring them online. Also, a business already may have made capital investments in equipment that it needs to depreciate over time

Of note, CIOs in a recent panel discussion voted “no” by a resounding 11-to-one margin when asked whether building your own data center is always the best strategy. “With the right outsourcing partner, you can leverage scale and free up your team from routine operations,” notes Michael Hanken, Vice President of IT at a manufacturer of industrial products. Analysis by DCD Intelligence further illustrates the trend, showing that in North America, almost 25 percent of the data center footprint is already outsourced, and that footprint is expected to continue to expand at 15 percent annually.

Solution: Hybrid IT infrastructure solutions provide the needed agility by offering colocated, managed, and cloud services, along with Tier One network connectivity, as appropriate to match each business application or process — plus the ability to easily switch among service types as business needs continuously evolve.

  • Ability to provide end-to-end IT solutions from assessment and planning to delivery and ongoing management and
  • Scalability and expertise at every stage of the outsourcing and application
  • Flexibility and agility to move IT workloads to the optimal platform throughout their
  • Seeking 100 percent availability, and clearly define SLAs
  • Strong multi-level security technology, policies and
  • Scalability and global reach to accelerate business expansion into new
  • Proven expertise solving diverse business

The research also demonstrates how today’s clouds do not meet all companies’ needs, partly because of CIOs’ concerns over security and performance, and partly due to the particular requirements of specific applications for which clouds are not yet well suited. For each organization, the right blend of services will change over time as business priorities shift, cloud computing matures, and new technologies emerge.

Because most companies will use a hybrid IT strategy for many years to come, it makes sense to find a hybrid IT provider that can deliver a broad range of outsourced IT services from data centers across the globe, and be unbiased in helping plan and manage overall strategy for the optimal mix of IT services.

Our easySERVICE™ Program helps organizations design, build, migrate, manage, and protect their Cloud-based environments. This especially designed backup solution helps small to medium sized organizations meet RPOs and RTOs, save time, eliminate risks and dramatically reduce capital and operational costs.

Our clients took deliberate steps to overcome these challenges, by trusting easySERVICE. Using our enterprise-class networking and connectivity technologies, we provide the highest levels of availability, recovery, security, and performance.

At easySERVICE™ Data Solutions, our hybrid cloud delivers strategic advantages to the business by redirecting resources from lights-on to innovation. Only an open hybrid cloud delivers full strategic business value from cloud computing because it is the only approach that:

  • Enables portability of applications and data across cloud
  • Fully leverages existing IT investments and avoid creating new silos
  • Spans physical servers, multiple virtual platforms, and the broadest choice of public cloud
  • Provides portability of applications and life cycle management of those applications across heterogeneous infrastructures
  • Allows organizations to evolve towards the cloud, delivering incremental IT value along the way
  • Keeps organizations firmly in control of their own technology strategy

If you’d like to discuss any of the above best practices or lessons learned with us or to learn more about how we are partnering with companies just like yours to ensure the availability of mission-critical applications, please contact us at (855) US STELLAR.


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