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Monthly Archives: August, 2014

Industry shudders as judge orders Microsoft to hand over foreign-based email

Part of the compelling appeal of today’s networking architectures is the growing ease of locating data in remote data centers. But for companies whose footprints spread across international borders, that … Continue reading

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VMware’s recent vow to become a Top 3 cloud provider

VMware this week at its annual U.S. VMworld conference has focused intently on cloud computing, trying to prove that it is uniquely positioned as an Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider to deliver a … Continue reading

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Google plans to give Zync users better pricing and more scalability

To beef up its cloud platform with more specialized packages, Google is acquiring Zync for its large scale rendering service for movie special effects, called Zync Render. Google plans to … Continue reading

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Windows Tips and Tricks Designed to Save You Time

Nobody wants to waste time endlessly navigating menus. And even if you’re plunked down in front of your PC for fun or a hobby project, every unnecessary click and hassle … Continue reading

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How well do we know Windows Hyper-V?

  Many Windows users aren’t aware of it, but a powerful virtualization tool is built into every copy of Microsoft Windows 8.x Pro and Windows 8.x  Enterprise, Client Hyper-V. This is … Continue reading

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Big Data Does Not Necessarily Mean Good Data

If the data is incomplete, out of context or otherwise contaminated, it can lead to decisions that could undermine the competitiveness of an enterprise or damage the personal lives of … Continue reading

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A new report says the majority of attacks experienced by higher education institutions come from malware infections

The back-to-school season is a busy time for many, even hackers and most universities are ill equipped to prevent and handle such attacks. According to a new report by the security … Continue reading

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