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How Should Business Approach Information Security?


Giving up physical possession doesn’t mean you’re giving up security. Good solutions, whether they’re on premises, part of a hybrid cloud, or a public cloud like easySERVICE Data Solutions, are an extension of your network and the security infrastructure you already have in place. Deployed properly, businesses can see many tangible benefits from public cloud solutions including increased productivity, integration with existing systems, and cost savings

To get to the root of people’s concerns, we need to understand the threats. Let’s start with the physical location of your data. Physical theft, employee mistakes (like lost devices), and insider threats are responsible for 42.7% of 2013 data breaches in the US, according to Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. Computers, laptops, and company servers are responsible for the large majority of your vulnerabilities, not the cloud.

In another 29.6% of data breaches, hackers broke into data owned by companies and government agencies. Big tech companies, major retailers, and airlines were among the 2013 victims. Let’s take a closer look at what these kinds of hacks look like and how they’re distributed.

How do you evaluate whether cloud storage is right for you?

It’s hard to find the time, resources, and knowledge necessary to defend against such an immense range of threats, so in many cases, it makes a lot of sense to let good, reputable cloud providers handle those issues for you. In the end, you can relieve headaches for IT, get more done, and focus on growing your business.

  • Recognize your real needs: Understand what your data security and governance requirements are and should be. Establish realistic, grounded expectations around the level of security and control you need and want. Make sure you know what problems you’re trying to solve. Don’t ask for the Fort Knox of security systems if it’s not what you really need, or you’ll end up spending more money, time, and resources than you should.
  • Remember the user: Look beyond traditional security measures to usability and adoption. If your employees won’t use the solution, there’s no point in implementing it, no matter how secure it may appear to be. And when employees start using workarounds that you have little control over, you’ll find they pose a much bigger security risk.
  • Worry less about location: Keep an open mind. The security of your data is more important than its location. A distributed information storage infrastructure is secure by design, and certainly more so than keeping all your info unencrypted in a single location. Storing data remotely guarantees data redundancy, easy access no matter where you are, and scalability with no impact on performance and speed.
  • Focus on access: Remember that controlling access is key. Look at how your data is accessed, and look specifically at holes that could be exploited. Most data breaches occur by finding vulnerabilities and poor end user practices, regardless of whether your information is cloud- based or on premises. Make sure your employees aren’t making common mistakes like reusing passwords. Ensure that you’ve configured devices with appropriate encryption and set up a strong device management system.
  • Assure credibility: When evaluating a partner, check for certifications and compliance with recognized standards and frameworks, levels and types of encryption, and product features that give you control and visibility.
  • Invest in a 24/7 approach: Finally, make sure your providers are auditing, monitoring, and testing security on a continuous basis.

At easySERVICE, our especially designed backup solution helps small to medium sized organizations meet RPOs and RTOs, save time, eliminate risks and dramatically reduce capital and operational costs. It is as organizations look for a backup software solution that meets these seven criteria of providing the highest levels of protection for VMs as it now offers protection for the entire IT infrastructure—be it physical Windows servers or any virtual machines.

We focus on building and designing the most appropriate infrastructure to meet the unique needs and characteristics of your individual business. Your data is too precious not to be protected by the best, most affordable and highly efficient data storage solution in the industry. Our solution is suitable for Modern Data Protection – Built for Virtualization and Private cloud solutions, without a big price tag.

If you’d like to discuss any of the above best practices or lessons learned with us or to learn more about how we are partnering with companies just like yours to ensure the availability of mission-critical applications, please contact us at (855) US STELLAR.


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