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Google Maps Engine Pro is getting another upgrade of sorts this week.

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Google Maps Coordinate, the mobile and web app designed for divvying up jobs and sharing locations among teams in real time, will now be included with a Maps Engine Pro subscription.

Rates start at $5 per user each month, and subscribers do not actually have to be paid Google Apps customers to access the features. All one needs is just a Google account.

Jen Kovnats, a product manager on the Google Maps for Business team, mentioned in a blog post on Thursday morning how Maps Engine Pro can foster collaboration and productivity within teams through the use of the cloud-based mapping platform.

“For example, a building management firm can organize the buildings they maintain on a map and when a maintenance call comes in, assign the nearest worker to the job,” suggested Kovnats.

Last week, Google Earth aerial images were made available for Maps for Business customers.

Organizations can implement the content in a variety of ways, including integration with a company’s Google Maps v3 JavaScript API web application as well as for viewing on native mobile apps and websites.

Google Maps took a more corporate turn last fall with the introduction of Maps Engine Pro, an advanced version of the popular online directions tool designed to enable a “more powerful form of mapping,”  accessible to any business owner and employee for creating custom maps for internal and external use.

As of last October, there were approximately one million active websites and apps using the Google Maps API.

In February, Google Maps branched out even further with the Google Maps Gallery, a digital atlas for maps provided by businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations worldwide. Maps included in the Gallery are accessible via Google Earth as well as discoverable through major search engines.

Source: Associated Press


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