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HP has released a cloud-based data center management service equipped with a bevy of architecture tools


At the heart of the Orchestrated Datacenter is automation. HP said it orchestrates the full stack — from physical, virtual servers, networks, storage and databases, to the middleware and the application layer. It also automates end-to-end IT workflows across the service desk, monitoring and security operations, and allows IT teams to deploy the services across the spectrum of cloud environments.

Making the Orchestrated Datacenter tick is a set of tools that includes the newly released HP Enterprise Maps, an Archimate 2 certified enterprise architecture solution; HP Cloud Service Automation (CSA) 4.1; HP Operations Orchestration (OO)10.1; and HP Server Automation (SA) 10.1.

In a nutshell, HP said the suite of services provides support for every step of the deployment cycle. Beyond streamlining and automation, the services provide out-of-the-box support of Chef Recipes, which includes support for Big Data platforms like Hadoop and no-SQL databases like MongoDB, CouchDB, and Hbase.

As IT architects and CIOs migrate toward orchestration products with simplified integration and out-of-the-box features, HP said it has adopted the mantra, “Automate, Orchestrate, Transform” to meet the industry challenge. The company has been investing heavily in open-source cloud computing and beefing up its data center management services.

Ajay Singh, SVP and GM, of IT Operations Management and Software for HP, said in the news release:

IT organizations must sharpen their focus from just managing servers and infrastructure to orchestrating the delivery of end-to-end services and applications that help differentiate businesses in the market.

Source: Associated Press


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