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HP aims to cut upfront capital costs for datacentre projects, something some CFOs may find attractive



HP is launching a new service which is a combination of two services, HP’s existing Performance Optimised Datacentre (POD) and the new offering, Facility-as-a-Service (FaaS).

The aim behind FaaS is to give companies an alternative to the massive capital costs involved in running a modern data center. These costs can frequently run into the tens or hundreds of millions of dollars.

HP argues that FaaS gives companies a way to get newer, better and more secure data centres built without incurring the capital costs, because it allows CFOs to switch costs from a capital to an operating expense.

HP is offering “a fully leveraged maintenance service agreement”. That will include the initial design of the data centre, its implementation and its commissioning. HP said it will “work with you to help ensure that the data centre design meets your changing business needs and that it is built and functioning as designed before operations begin”.

The data centre will be operated by the client, with HP providing an ongoing maintenance programme. So basically how much this is all going to cost you is something to be negotiated with HP but this should remove some of the guesswork from building your own data centre since HP will be building it to a specification agreed by you.

As HP says, it is a “new alternative to funding the building of a new data center or utilizing co-location space, which were the only previous options available for owner-operated solutions”.

One of the biggest advantages for this type of option is the chance for companies to leverage the expertise of a company like HP without the massive capital cost; instead, you effectively rent it.

Source: Associated Press


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