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Importance of Label the wiring closet


Though it might seem really simple, you may want to physically label each component in the wiring closet with a name and details, like the IP address. And then record the order of which components are placed in the racks. This can make a non-IT person more comfortable if they ever have to be walked through, performing some sort of task over the phone. They can see the name of each piece of hardware and you can reference the written order of components as well.

You may want to record the rack details as well, like the type, size, and note any cooling system and power.

If you haven’t already, create and follow an identification scheme for your Ethernet, fiber and other wiring. This can help tremendously during future network troubleshooting, maintenance, and upgrades.

Assign and physically label every Ethernet wall-port and every other cable run to network components. Then identify to which port on the patch panel or switch each wall-port or component connects to. You could physically attach a label to each of the cables connecting to the switch and/or type up a written list of the port numbers and to which outlet or network component is connected.

Another great detail to document is the method or route in which the cables are run from the wiring closet to the wall-port or component. This can also be a huge help in the future when pulling or moving existing cables or when running new ones. Plus make note of the cabling specs and wiring type.

For new networks you install, consider also using a color coding scheme as well to help distinguish between certain types of cable runs. Maybe choose one color for wall-ports, another color for any switches throughout the building, and another for those connecting wireless access points.

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