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Document the details of infrastructure components

When you’re connecting to these components to check the details it would be a great time to save a backup of the configuration if you haven’t already, and then specify the location of the backup file in the documentation

For all the main network components (such as the modem, router, firewalls, switches, controllers, wireless access points, servers, and UPSs) you should list the basic details such as:

  • Name
  • Asset ID
  • Primary functions
  • Physical location
  • Model
  • Serial number
  • Software version
  • Back configuration
  • IP address
  • MAC address
  • Login credentials
  • License details
  • Date of purchase
  • Place of purchase
  • Warranty info
  • Notes

Once you’ve listed the basic details, consider going further and listing the main settings/configuration for each component. For instance, for the wireless access points list the SSIDs, channels, and security settings.

Additionally, consider generating other specific lists like the configuration of the main network servers and services (DHCP, RADIUS, WINS, NAS, etc) and list any other mission-critical components in the network.


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