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Do you think SDDCs are the future of infrastructure architecture?

Imagine a data center that’s fully automated and provides a zero-downtime infrastructure for any application and hardware. That’s what a software-defined data center (SDDC) architecture is designed to enable.

SDDC refers to data centers where all infrastructure components are virtualized and delivered as a service. It extends virtualization components such as abstraction, pooling and automation to all resources and services in a data center.

Control of the data center is fully automated via software, which means hardware configuration can be maintained through intelligent software systems. In comparison, with traditional data centers the infrastructure is generally defined by hardware and devices.

Many consider software-defined data centers to be the next step in the evolution of data center virtualization and cloud computing, because it provides a way to support legacy applications as well as new cloud services.

Industry research firms look for SDDC to continue to grow as more organizations move to a cloud-based environment. Forrester Research has called SDDC “the future of infrastructure architecture,” and IDC says software-based storage will eventually become a dominant part of every data center.

SDDC architecture is well suited for private, public and hybrid clouds. In a software-defined data center, policy-driven automation allows provisioning and continuous management of logical compute, storage and network services. The potential result is greater IT agility and efficiency.

Source: Associated Press  I  Bob Violino


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