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What are some of the best apps on the market to keep your iPhone and iPad safe?

Find My iPhone

Name: Find My iPhone

Developer: Apple

Price: Free

Compatibility:  iOS |

Find My iPhone, developed by iPhone and iPad maker Apple, is an app useful in the wake of rising smartphone theft. If you’ve lost your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Mac, you can use another iOS device with the app to sign in with your Apple ID for iCloud. Once signed in on another device, you can locate your missing gadget, lock it remotely, and hopefully recover it. If there’s no hope of the latter, you can erase all of your data off the device.

However, do not forget to enable Find my iPhone in iCloud settings, otherwise you will not be able to locate it later on.

Keeper Password & Data Vault

Name: Keeper Password & Data Vault

Developer: Callpod

Price: Free

Compatibility:  iOS | Android

Keeper Password & Data Vault is a password manager compatible with the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android and browsers. The app can be used to keep track of passwords and sensitive data — such as bank account numbers — using 256-bit AES data storage and PBKDF2 encryption keys. The application also uses two-factor authentication and allows users to assign permissions for others to access vault data.

If you wish to back up your data through cloud storage, this service is available for between $9.99 and $29.99 per year.


Name: Stash

Developer: Hedonic Software

Price: $3.99

Compatibility: iOS

Stash is a private media and download manager which lets you keep photos, videos and documents private, even if someone accesses your phone without permission — or you hand over your iPhone or iPad to your children to keep them occupied. Stash creates accounts with password or PIN protection, as well as accounts hidden unless unlocked with a secret gesture.

Album Lock

Name: Album Lock

Developer: Staral Wang

Price: Free

Compatibility: iOS

Album lock is another application useful for keeping photos, videos and documents private through password or PIN-protected albums. However, this app also includes a self-destruct feature which will delete everything stored privately if someone attempts to break in to secure folders.


Name: PayPal

Developer: PayPal

Price: Free

Compatibility: iOS | Android

PayPal is a widely-accepted online payment system which adds an additional layer of security to purchases made across the Internet. You can use the app to pay securely through your mobile device, whether you are buying clothes, gadgets, or a coffee in your city. PayPal also comes with an automatic fraud detection system which can help you keep your cash if you’re duped by a phishing campaign or someone accesses your account without authorization.


Name: Lookout

Developer: Lookout

Price: Free

Compatibility: iOS | Android

Lookout is an alternative to Apple’s Find my Phone application, set with a number of additional features. Over 50 million users currently take advantage of the security app, which offers device location through the Web, data backup, the ability to sound off an alarm even if your phone is on silent (after all, who hasn’t lost their phone when it’s nearby?), and a feature which displays a ‘lost’ message on your phone, complete with contact details.

The only missing element is a remote data wipe — available only through Apple’s app — but for free software not developed by the iPhone maker itself, you can’t complain at the wealth of other features on offer.

Avira Mobile Security

Name: Avira Mobile Security

Developer: Avira

Price: Free

Compatibility: iOS | Android

Malicious software, fake apps and cyberattacks are targeting mobile devices more frequently, and so a number of apps have spring up to try and protect gadgets against this trend. One of those on offer is the Avira Mobile Security suite, which includes a malicious process scanner, identity protection tool, device locate map and operational system checker to remind you when you need to update.

Name: Sophos Mobile Control

Developer: Sophos

Price: Free

Compatibility: iOS | Android

An alternative malicious software scanner is Sophos Mobile Control, but this application is more suitable for business apps running on the iOS system. Through the application you can manage, configure and monitor all iOS devices connected to a corporate network, manage device security compliance and remotely control devices which may have been lost or stolen.

However, this app will only work in combination with either the Sophos Mobile Control MDM solution or a mobile license in Sophos Cloud.


Name: Netstat

Developer: James Devenish

Price: Free

Compatibility: iOS | Android

Netstat is a handy iOS app which allows you to monitor network connections. Through Netstat, users can check which servers and ports are being used on an iPhone or iPad, view host addresses and names, connection durations, and both bytes received & sent per connection.

Source: Associated Press


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