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AT&T introduced a similar deal for Microsoft Azure public cloud customers last fall


AT&T‘s cloud integration platform NetBond is shaping up more and more, now with support for a major cloud titan:

For reference, NetBond is designed to serve as a foundation for AT&T customers looking to connect their Virtual Private Networks with any cloud compute or IT service environment in AT&T’s partner ecosystem.

As an additional security blanket, NetBond is touted by AT&T to “[bypass] the Internet entirely” while providing access to these external enterprise applications and data.

This means traffic is isolated so that it is directed only to cloud platforms with access to AT&T’s private global network.

AT&T promises performance benefits thanks to this strategy as well, promising up to three times higher availability rates and cutting latency by half compared to public Internet speeds.

AT&T introduced a similar deal for Microsoft Azure public cloud customers last fall.

Much like the Azure configuration, AT&T enterprise customers will be able to connect to Salesforce services through AT&T MPLS VPN from any location on a private network.

With the Salesforce announcement, the telco giant reaffirmed it plans to launch these features during the second half of 2014.

Source: Associated Press


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