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Microsoft is rumored to be planning the release of a second update to Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 for some time later this year



The rumor comes from an unknown Web source known as “WZor,” but it was substantiated to a degree by the unnamed sources that talk to veteran Microsoft reporter Mary Jo Foley. She reported today that a second update may arrive in August, according to her sources. WZor suggests that the update will arrive in September.

Microsoft hasn’t described a second update as yet, although it did show Start Menu concept art for its next Windows client release at its Build developer event. That concept art was supposed to suggest what it planned to release in the near future, according to an explanation from Microsoft. Foley said that a new Start Menu is a possible addition to the rumored second update, but she had few details to offer about what features might arrive.

It’s not clear what the rumored second update will be called. Foley speculated it could be called “Update 2” or maybe “Windows 8.2.”

Microsoft’s accelerated software release pace hasn’t been well characterized by the company, although it has suggested that it is issuing annual releases now — a cycle that many IT organizations may be hard-pressed to meet. Miller still hears it as annual release cycles. In the case of Windows 8, though, the update releases seem to be arriving every six months or so.

To a certain degree, Microsoft seems to be making up its software release schedule as it goes. It originally released WindMows 8.1 Update with a 30-day deadline to install it. Organizations failing to do so would not get future updates, Microsoft had warned. However, a week later, Microsoft relaxed that deadline to 120 days. The reprieve came after Microsoft talked with some of its enterprise customers, Microsoft explained.

Organizations now have until Aug. 12 to install the update for Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2 or Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry or risk losing future update support for those operating systems.

Source: Associated Press


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