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AMD in 2014..But does it have what it takes to do this?


AMD reported its first quarter earnings after the bell on Thursday and, on the whole, things aren’t too bad: They reported a net loss of $20 million, beating analyst estimates. But does it have what it takes to do this?

AMD has spent a considerable amount of time getting its ducks in a row, and this could start to pay off soon.

  • It’s diversified its board members to cover the whole gamut, from management and technology, to sales and marketing.
  • It holds the title of world’s fasted GPU in the form of the Radeon R9 295X2.
  • AMD has revamped the FirePro professional graphics lineup, delivering several industry firsts, including 16GB DDR5 memory, more than 2 TFLOPS of double precision compute performance and 4K support on up to six displays.
  • As well as announcing support for Microsoft’s DirectX 12, it has developed its own API called Mantle that is designed to remove bottlenecks from gaming.
  • It has the Opteron A1100 Series, the first 64-bit ARM-based server CPU built with a 28-nanometer architecture.
  • It has the AM1 platform that is aimed at the mainstream market.
  • It has made considerable in-house savings thanks to its IT and datacenter operations consolidation, a move which saved the company $8.5 million.
  • The Mullins tablet chip could finally give the company a foothold not only in the post-PC market but also the growing mini-PC market.

This gives the company quite a firm footing to drive it into profits over the coming year. One of its biggest weaknesses is that it has been too slow in getting into the mobile market, allowing companies such as Qualcomm, ARM, and Intel to flourish. Also, when it comes to GPUs, AMD is head to head against arch rival Nvidia, and any lead it holds there is likely to be temporary.

Source: Associated Press



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