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Samsung Strikes Deal With Fellow Apple Patent Foe

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Today in international tech news: Samsung strikes a deal with a company that, like Samsung, has a history with Apple and patent disputes. Also: The Netherland tests a glow-in-the-dark highway; Alibaba’s IPO filing could come next week; and Facebook plans to launch a money transfer service in Europe.

Samsung, longtime patent foe of Apple, will partner with Swiss Federal Railways, another — unlikely — patent foe of Apple.

While the deal itself may not be groundbreaking — Samsung will supply the state-owned rail company with 30,000 mobile devices — it is interesting given the litigious background that both parties have with Apple.

Samsung’s court battles with Apple have been documented ad nauseum — in part because the battles themselves seem to carry on ad nauseum, in Europe and Australia and the U.S. (and again in the U.S.).

The Swiss railway situation, however, was certainly unique: The company claimed in the fall of 2012 that Apple’s iOS 6 infringed on a trademarked design for clocks in Swiss rail stations. The iOS clock design featured black and red hands that looked just a little bit too much like the rail operator’s design, which was created in 1944.

Shortly thereafter, Apple negotiated an agreement that enabled the company to use the coveted clockface; the terms were not divulged. By the time iOS 7 came out, the clockface was gone.

Source: Associated Press


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