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Linux is coming to a desktop near you, in the form of the Chrome OS on Chromebooks

linuxFor years we have heard that year X is the year of the Linux desktop and I’ve always scoffed at it. I scoffed because it’s ridiculous to think that Linux or Mac OS X or anything could supplant Windows on the desktop. That is until now. And don’t get me wrong, it won’t happen for at least another year in businesses but for personal computing and BYOD, it’s already happening. The Linux that’s taking over the desktop is called the Chrome OS and it will happen on the Chromebook device.

The primary drivers behind this idea of desktop Windows displacement are:

  1. Interface – People don’t like Windows 8.x.
  2. Price – People are tired of the constant hardware, software, and OS upgrade cycle.
  3. Security – People are tired of viruses, malware, and hacks.
  4. Loss – People are tired of losing data when a disk crashes or a device is stolen.
  5. Battery Life – Mobile users need longer battery life.
  6. Usability – More versatile than a tablet. Less cumbersome than a laptop.
  7. Browser-based – The future of software is SaaS.

Between webified applications and virtual application solutions such as those from 2x Software and Citrix, there’s no reason to use localized applications anymore.

Even Intuit has created an online version of Quickbooks, which was one of the last reasons why some people needed to stay on Windows or Mac systems. Well now’s your chance to make the leap to web-based everything.

Do you think the ChromeOS and Chromebooks can do it finally or is this another lame prediction from another myopic techno-journalist writer type?

Source: Associated Press

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