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How Active Data Archiving can help in Manage Database Growth

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For many organizations, it’s a big challenge to archive or safely retire seldom used data from growing databases while enabling users to access and use the information, when needed. With Database and Application Archiving, organizations can streamline their database operations while running at peak performance. Database and Application Archiving provides a comprehensive strategy that allows you to achieve your critical business objectives including the availability of critical applications, reducing data storage hardware and administration costs, and improving daily database performance.

What is Active Archive?

Active Archive is a combined solution of open systems applications, disk and tape hardware that allows you to effortlessly store, manage and access all of your data. Developing policies to meet your organizations storage requirements enables automatic migration of data onto more cost effective storage. There is no longer a need to store all of your data on expensive disk, yet it remains completely accessible.

Active archives offer an intelligent framework made up of applications that offer storage virtualization and a data management platform that effortlessly stores and scales to petabytes of data across different storage mediums. Optimize primary disk’s role in your environment and reduce costs per terabyte up to 75% by creating a seamless storage pool. An active archive easily accommodates large scale data growth by migrating infrequently accessed data to economy storage.

Effortlessly manage unstructured data by employing an active archive that seamlessly expands the file system over all storage platforms. An active archive becomes the optimal storage choice because it eliminates IT administrator intervention. Users have complete access to all of the organization’s data, regardless of the platform it is stored on. Active archive helps you properly provision your storage and give you online access to ALL of your data.

Benefits of Consolidated Active Data Archiving

Significant data growth and the continued increase in regulatory and compliance requirements are driving organizations to become more aware of their overall information governance strategy to mitigate the risks presented by their data. To address these challenges, easySERVICE Consolidated Archive provides an intelligent information archiving solution that can help you manage, control, and enable greater insight into all data throughout your organization. Following are benefits of a consolidated active archiving:

  • Retire outdated applications: Automate the process of managing data from old applications and reduce costs associated with maintenance.
  • Reduce data footprint and storage costs: Reduce the amount of cloned and legacy application storage by 50% or more, resulting in substantially lower storage costs.
  • Enhance operational efficiency: Remove inactive data from production databases to stabilize performance.
  • Expedite backup performance: Reduce data volume to minimize the backup image, lower the risk of long disruptions, and accelerate disaster recovery.
  • Improve search and research: Quickly respond to customer inquiries, legal issues, audits, and government regulations.
  • Unified, intelligent information archiving: Identify, manage, and control all data types within all sources for comprehensive policy management to support compliance and legal preparedness.
  • eDiscovery integration: Search, preserve, analyze, and produce data with automated and user-friendly tools to accelerate eDiscovery.
  • Storage optimization: Reduce investments in storage and hardware by decreasing your data footprint through de-duplication and storage management capabilities.
  • Supervision and surveillance: Meet all corporate, industry, and government compliance monitoring obligations with increased visibility across all electronic communications.
  • Advanced analytics and conceptual search: Expedite searches and quickly identify critical, responsive data from a broad range of mobile devices and desktops.
  • Efficient data management: Leverage single-instancing and de-duplication, and address near-duplicates to reduce the total data volume.
  • Legacy data cleanup: Access and gain insight into legacy data repositories to filter valuable data from outdated information and reduce storage and data access costs.
  • Integrated information governance: Leverage archiving as part of a larger, unified information governance platform (eDiscovery, supervision, records management, legal hold, and search) that allows you to connect to and process virtually any type of information.
  • Application retirement: Migrate retired and outdated applications from Tier 1 storage to lower cost systems.
  • Data accessibility: Identify, manage, and control data throughout the organization from a broad range of mobile devices and desktops


Most organizations today are experiencing explosive information growth, while needing to improve data access, reduce costs, and increase IT efficiency. easySERVICE’s Storage Optimization Archiving solution addresses these initiatives through a range of capabilities including mailbox management, historical data remediation, data de-duplication, and data lifecycle management. We help you to deliver increased ROI from IT investments and get greater business value from your data.

Our solution provides a comprehensive approach to effectively managing all information regardless of format or source, to help you to identify, access, search, and secure all your information while enabling storage optimization, cost reduction, and increased productivity. It delivers rich visibility and conceptual understanding across all forms of data stored in disparate repositories, enabling advanced search, eDiscovery, risk management, and regulatory compliance.

If you are the proud owner of a small business and you have been searching for small business IT outsourcing services, then you are definitely headed in the right direction. With the help of easySERVICE™ Data Solutions, Small enterprises look to gain access to talent that they may not have or want to farm out their activities to IT specialized firms that they feel can do a better job in IT related services.

If you’d like to discuss any of the above best practices or lessons learned with us or to learn more about how we are partnering with companies just like yours to ensure the availability of mission-critical applications, please contact us at (855) US STELLAR.


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