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Businesses believe Macs are more reliable than Windows Machines

Mac Vs Windows

The recent survey, which polled more than 200 IT decision makers about their attitudes toward Macs in the enterprise, found that 45 percent of businesses currently offer their employees Macs, and that 95 percent of the businesses that don’t currently provide Macs would be more likely to offer them if they had a single central management system for both Windows PCs and Macs.

The results of the survey throw up some interesting data points that IT pros – especially those adhered to Windows only – should take note of:

  • 77 percent of IT pros said that Macs are more reliable overall than Windows machines.
  • 65 percent said that Macs are easier to support.
  • 65 percent said that offering Macs would likely help attract employees (a very important factor given the competition for talent).

The survey also shed light on some of the roadblocks to Mac adoption:

  • 70 percent cited the main reason they don’t allow Macs onto their network is because they lack the expertise to manage them.
  • 68 percent said Macs aren’t allowed because they are unable to run Windows apps.
  • 53 percent cited the lack of proper management tools.

What do you rely on for your business?

Source: Associated press


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