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Tips for Ensuring a Great Rollout and Adoption of Microsoft Lync Server 2013


A common misconception is that since a device worked with a previous Lync solution, it will work with Lync Server 2013. Some devices may work with the new solution and may be “Vendor supported” for Lync Server 2013.

Do not assume that this means that they are “Microsoft supported.” Vendors may even go to such lengths of saying that are going to be Microsoft certified soon. Remember, this will not help you when asking for help with Microsoft before they have been certified. Either it is Microsoft supported or it is not Microsoft Supported.

To ensure your Lync solution is in compliance, you need to verify that your devices are on the list of Lync Server 2013 qualified devices.


Here are some tips for ensuring a great rollout and adoption of Microsoft Lync Server 2013

1) Set achievable and reasonable expectations.

2) A short introduction class for groups of users can save time. Try the following to give users a controlled, and more importantly, pleasant first experience:

  1. Demonstrate the correct functionality of the client.
  2. Give them some How-to documentation,
  3. Utilize Microsoft Quick start guides for end user training.
  4. User training can also be held by using Lync Server 2013 meetings so that users can experience how the product can be used in real-time
  5. Have them use it in front of you.
  6. Be sure to list out the functionality differences between the old solution and the new Lync Server 2013 client. (“The old solution could do this, why can’t I now?”)

3) Show them a process for submitting Lync issues. The more information a technician has, the more likely they can resolve an issue in a shorter amount of time. Information tools are readily available for end users, but they just don’t know about them. Give your end users better Lync support by encouraging the use of the following when submitting issues:

  1. Print screen  Microsoft paint for a screenshot
  2. Problem steps recorder (PSR) to show a process with possible error message
  3. Start a knowledge base of Lync Server 2013 within your IT department along with a list of known issues

Microsoft Lync Server 2013 requires a proactive approach to address the many issues we can incur during its deployment. It is important to realize what issues our company may encounter, and the resolutions to those issues, before the deployment is held up due to an unforeseen miscalculation. The more prepared we can be, the better our implementation will be. It is essential to do all preparation as written by Microsoft to ensure that you’ve diligently attended to all the details before commencing your rollout.

To successfully implement Lync Server 2013 you must know about the protocols, the administrative tools, and ensure that you are working with a completely supported environment according to Microsoft standards. If you are not familiar with any of the concepts brought before you, be sure to learn about them. It’s better to learn about it now and troubleshoot without issue rather than having to scramble to resolve an issue to which you are not familiar.

The knowledge and tools to deploy, implement, and maintain Lync Server 2013 are at your fingertips. With these recommendations, as well as the technical links provided, you will avoid the common mistakes encountered during a Microsoft Lync Server 2013 deployment.

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