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Nobody is ever satisfied with IT, but unsuccessful projects only reflect the organization’s disfunction

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Another day, another survey announcing disconnect between IT and the business. A new report from Forrester shows high levels of dissatisfaction on both sides, and suggests more “integrated thinking” is needed.

The sound bite coming out of a new survey of 474 IT executives conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of EffectiveUI is that only 39% believe their internal IT organizations have the ability to regularly deliver projects on time and on budget.

There’s actually nothing new in this finding — in fact, 39% probably is pretty optimistic compared to other studies done over the years, such as Standish Group’s Chaos report, which suggests that only 30% of projects meet their goals.

Still, there are many areas where IT organizations don’t seem to be cutting the mustard. For example, only 43% of the sample report that their IT organizations collaborate with the business on business.

Here’s one that suggests the…

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