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Five Signs Downtime May Be a Major Threat to a business

Stellar Phoenix Solutions


Many organizations may believe that they remain unaffected by downtime issues. After all, few users complain; customers seem happy. Some important signals, however, may indicate that your current situation or availability solution may need re-evaluation.

  1. Shrinking BackupWindowseBusiness and supply-chain processes are putting the squeeze on backup windows. The Gartner Group reports a 66 percent per year decline in the available time for quality backups.
  2. Expanded InternetDependence—As you exploit the internet to improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs, your dependence on internet enabled availability grows exponentially. When email is integrated into business functions to improve customer communications, your dependence becomes even greater. And the risk that downtime poses to the business increases.
  3. Globalized Computing—Access to critical data from anywhere in the world improves collaboration and enables faster, more informed decisions. Such dependence requires continuous access to information and applications; therefore the impact of downtime…

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