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Is cloud solutions really more secure than in-house services? It can be economical but is it 100% SAFE?

Is Public Cloud more secure or Private Cloud( in-house services)?

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Cloud computing has been marketed as the great solution for controlling technology costs, for the rapid deployment of solutions and a windbreak against uncontrolled system downtime. Those with experience in this space will be able to poke quite a few holes in those assumptions, when a cloud service provider, like Amazon, experiences an outage, it can be scary to those that use the service. Outages can lead to unsecured data, such as when Drop box had their recent password issue.

English: Diagram showing three main types of c... English: Diagram showing three main types of cloud computing (public/external, hybrid, private/internal) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One common area that most of us would agree on is that there are greater security risks with cloud-based systems.

Following are a few points which are making Cloud storage so popular:

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