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Google is trying to extend Google Glass to businesses and courting enterprise developers

gogole glass

In a post on Google+, the company cited the NHL’s Washington Capitals and Schlumberger as two companies experimenting with Glass. The Capitals used Glass to boost the fan experience by providing stats and camera angles. Schlumberger used Glass to better enable workers in the field.

Both companies used integrators to carry out the Glass experiments.

There have been pockets of Glass enterprise experiments in other verticals such as health care. John Halamka, CIO of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, last month detailed his organization’s Glass testing, which received headlines last year.

Halamka said:

Glass is a new medium that seems best suited for retrieval of summarized information and it really differentiates itself when it comes to real-time updates and notifications. When paired with location services, it will be able to truly deliver actionable information to clinicians in real time. We believe the ability to access and confirm clinical information at the bedside is one of the strongest features of Google Glass.

He added that Glass was able to surface internal dashboards in a way that kept data behind the firewall.

Living in Google’s sandbox is one of the chief concerns with enterprise use of Glass. Another hurdle is connecting Glass to internal enterprise systems.

However, enterprises are using Google Apps, cloud infrastructure and Chromebooks in varying degrees.

For now, large Glass deployments in the enterprise aren’t the norm. But Google is hoping developers are ready to experiment.

Source: Associated Press


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