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Qualities Of Big Data Production-Ready Solutions

Big Data


Enterprises invest in Big Data technology without specific and measurable business applications tied to the projects. In such cases, largely driven by IT departments, enterprises begin amassing large volumes of data in storage, which is sometimes made available to Data Scientists and business analysts for exploratory analysis, but that otherwise sits underutilized.

Enterprises successfully test Big Data pilot projects, only to find they do not have enough skilled practitioners – including administrators, developers and data scientists – to support large scale production deployments. As a result, technology performance degrades over time as stressed storage and database administrators struggle to keep systems running optimally. Data Scientists and business analysts consequently are unable to perform the quantity or quality of Big Data analysis desired

Qualities Of Big Data Production-Ready Solutions

Big data rookies make the mistake of thinking that implementing a big solution is just a matter of declaring that “the POC is now production.” Think again. IT leaders need to see the bigger picture. Implementing a big data solution requires planning, architecture, talent, flawless execution, and a supreme command of what it means to be production-ready. Production-ready big data solutions must exhibit these seven qualities:

  • Manageability. Tools that can monitor, diagnose, and orchestrate all solution components.
  • Availability. The readiness of data and analytical services to perform their functions when needed.
  • Performance. The speed to perform queries and analysis that meet business and user expectations.
  • Scalability. Handle increasing and decreasing volumes of data, jobs, and users.
  • Adaptability. The ease with which the solution can be changed or extended to meet new analytical requirements.
  • Security. Support the security properties of authentication, authorization, confidentiality, integrity, and nonrepudiation.
  • Cost. Minimize the cost to build, operate, and adapt the big data solution without compromising business value.


Practitioners involved in successful projects also indicate they realistically assess the level of skilled practitioners inside the enterprise and often engage outside professional services organizations to fill talent gaps and keep systems running optimally.

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