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How to Optimize SharePoint Performance



Microsoft SharePoint is the fastest growing product in Microsoft history. Its adoption rate has been exponential with millions of documents being stored daily. With its growth critical documents and procedures are now being stored in SharePoint. It is fundamental that SharePoint maintains its healthy status, and application performance is a key component for a successful deployment and adoption of SharePoint.

SharePoint performance helps organizations better understand the different ways and places SharePoint performance can be improved. SharePoint deployments are a combination of applications, services and databases where delivering a scalable, dynamic and efficient portal implementation can be a challenging task for even the most experienced IT professionals. Improvements can be made within or outside of the SharePoint infrastructure. Our steps will help you optimize SharePoint Performance.

10 steps to optimize SharePoint Performance

STEP 1 Separate User and Database Traffic

STEP 2 Isolate Search Indexing

STEP 3 Adjust SQL Parameters

STEP 4 Defragment Database Indexes

STEP 5 Distribute User Data Across Multiple Content Databases

STEP 6 Minimize Page Size

STEP 7 Configure IIS Compression

STEP 8 Take Advantage of Caching

STEP 9 Manage Page Customizations

STEP 10 Limit Navigation Depth

Next 10 days we will be talking about all these steps individually.


SharePoint offers a tremendous array of options for improving performance and efficiency of collaborative portal applications. Understanding the inner workings of the framework and its dependencies upon key infrastructure components, including servers, network connections, services, operating system components and databases, is vital to the success of any optimization strategy. Implementing basic performance enhancements as outlined in this paper can provide tremendous improvements to the operation and performance of SharePoint within the enterprise.

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