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What is the right time for you to revisit Network Infrastructure (Bandwidth) for your business?



Regardless of whether you choose Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), one thing is unavoidable: You need a good, reliable network to connect to the cloud. Your cloud computing initiative is critically dependent on networking infrastructure. How much bandwidth will you need? Will the network be sufficiently reliable for what you have planned? What kind of network will you require for the next five years? These are just some of the questions that a typical company needs to answer when moving to the cloud.

The network can easily become a stumbling block, since the cloud drastically alters the role of the network — and its accompanying hardware and software.

What is Bandwidth?

In computer networks, bandwidth is often used as a synonym for data transfer rate – the amount of data that can be carried from one point to another in a given time period (usually a second). This kind of bandwidth is usually expressed in bits (of data) per second (bps).

When it comes to business internet services you need a package that is fast, reliable and suits your business needs. There is no point paying for a service you don’t need, so it is important to think about exactly what you need from your business internet service.

Why do I need to constantly improve Bandwidth?

The age of cloud computing is now: 97% of companies already make use of at least one cloud service in the form of Software as a Service (SaaS) , Platform as a Service (PaaS) or Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). The ubiquity of cloud computing brings with it a correspondingly increased dependence on the Internet for access to (often) critical enterprise applications. And, as with the centralization of applications into data centers, shifting to cloud computing likewise increases reliance on the enterprise WAN.

In order to make the cloud computing experience better for end users, network managers and engineers are constantly improving their bandwidth to enhance the performance across the Internet.

How much network capacity is enough?

Once you’ve determined that your cloud provider’s own networks are positioned for growth, the next issue is how much bandwidth you’ll need to connect to your own identified data center. Does your existing Internet connection have enough capacity to support fast and smooth access to the cloud service?

Moving services to the cloud is a major change in the use of the Internet gateway for your company and will commonly require increased Internet bandwidth, upgraded firewalls and routers, and possibly upgraded security monitoring and compliance tools. And don’t forget to consider Internet redundancy. As more services come to rely on Internet access, uptime and reliability will become a bigger concern. Consider deploying three or more Internet connections to different providers so that any failure in their networks has less effect on yours.

Gartner predicts that in 2014, IT organizations will spend $1.6 trillion on telecom services, representing 44% of the total IT spend. Reducing WAN usage can thus produce big reductions in the bottom-line costs.

How can easySERVICE help?

To improving cloud computing performance with the help of easySERVICE™, business can remove the WAN from the equation by introducing private Internet connectivity directly to the branch and restrict traffic to and from sanctioned providers to improve security and protect performance.

We follow a revolutionary data management solution that not only addresses the data protection and information management challenges, but also offers a range of data connectivity solutions ranging from standard small office broadband (24Mbps) and wireless business Internet to fiber leased lines offering speeds of up to 330Mbps. The key differences between each service are mainly the speed of the connection and the price. We always put your business first.

At easySERVICE™ Data Solutions, we are committed to building the value of the easySERVICE™ brand and we stand behind our service to you. We want to earn your trust and confidence as your “go-to source” when you have broadband challenges.


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