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RTO, RPO Revisited: Another Key Component of many Cloud DR Offerings

Still, recovery within a couple of days isn’t nearly as fast as some companies want. In disaster recovery parlance, that recovery time objective (RTO) is too long. And even if you can boot up the cloud-protected VM quickly, it may not be as up to date as you’d like because the time period between the last backup and the outage is too great. In other words, the recovery point objective (RPO) might not be acceptable.

In order to get to a better RPO, the company began synchronizing its servers on a more continuous basis. Indeed, replication software of some form or other is a key component of many cloud DR offerings. As part of its To-Cloud Recovery as a Service offering, companies relies on replication software offering, a VMware native replication tool that plugs into VMware vCloud Director or vSphere.

But for others, not having to figure out the subtleties of RTOs and RPOs is the appeal of cloud DR. That’s especially true for smaller organizations that did not have access to high-end DR services in the past.

While most of the focus of cloud DR is on smaller customers, enterprises are keenly interested as well. Larger organizations typically already have a DR agreement in place with a traditional provider such as SunGard. For them, the first step toward cloud DR is using the cloud to protect a lower-tier system that would have been protected with tape. According to a recent Forrester report, leaders in the DRaaS market provide not only the software and cloud platform, but also services to assist customers during implementation and failover.

Despite the obvious appeal of cloud DR, early adopters say it isn’t always smooth sailing.  Businesses, and especially SMBs, are looking for solutions that:

  • Reliably use the best technology for the application. They cannot afford backup failure.
  • Are simple to use and maintain—with ongoing low cost of ownership and low levels of complexity.
  • Provide enough capacity and enough performance. The backup must happen within the available backup window.
  • Offer a choice of suppliers and ease of data interchange.

Some small businesses assume the cloud can best the mightiest of storms. But even cloud-based backup and recovery services can fail to perform to expectations.

At easySERVICE, we believe in today’s IT requirements “3C” Legacy backup problems – limited Capabilities, increased Complexity and high Cost – are no longer acceptable for any organization. Our disaster recovery solution deliver the robust backup and recovery capabilities you need to meet the visibility, scalability and disaster recovery requirements of your entire environment.


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