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95 percent of world’s ATMs still have XP on them


If some of your worst, paranoid fears involve slotting your ATM card into your neighbourhood machine and then finding out that, lo and behold, every penny in both your Savings and Checkings accounts has mysteriously vanished without a trace—well, that may just become something to take seriously post April 8th say experts.

For April 8th is the day that Microsoft will stop support service to one of their most popular operating systems in history, Windows XP. While around a third to a quarter of the world’s PCs are estimated to house XP, apparently 95 percent of the world’s 3 million ATM machines run on it.

Microsoft has said that it will continue to support security products through July 2015, however it has apparently issued a warning stating that “the effectiveness of antimalware solutions on out-of-support operating systems is limited.”

The newer fleet of advanced ATMs will be capable of upgrading their machines to a newer version of Windows through their network. On the other hand, older ATMs will need to install the new version on the machines one by one, says the report.

Source: Associated Press


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