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If Google Voice ends, we’ll help you find substitute solutions

google-voiceThe rumors are circulating today that Google may either cancel Google Voice or merge the Google Voice functions into Hangouts.

Reports are coming in from 9to5Google that everyone’s favorite search engine is about to bring the axe down on its long-neglected phone service. That should come as no surprise as it’s been leading Voice to the chopping block for ages.

The good news though, 9to5Google reports, is that all your favorite Voice features will be transplanted to a service Google actually gives a damn about: Hangouts. That means loyal Voice users will simply be able to jump ship to Hangouts, meanwhile gaining features like VOIP calls from mobile devices—something iOS users have already tasted  , but Android users have been left without.

There’s no word on timing, but Google I/O is on the horizon,  which is a great opportunity for Google to showcase Hangouts’ new superpowers while quietly putting Voice out of its misery backstage. And if you’re quaking at the thought of saying goodbye old pal Google Voice just keep on reading below and soon you’ll be clamoring for its head like you should be.

Technology is always a moving target, and whether we rely on free services or services we pay for, there is always the chance a cherished service will go away.

Source: Associated Press


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