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Apple has already stopped calling Apple TV a “hobby.”


There are coincidences in this world, and it’s important not to read too much into them. Pandora playing the song stuck in your head doesn’t make you psychic. But then there are coincidences you can’t help but think might mean a little bit more. Like, say, three heavy hitter holdouts all hopping on Apple TV within two days of each other.

Two days ago, word came down that Hulu Plus had crash-landed on Apple TV. It’s hard to overstate what a big deal this is; the assumption had long been that Apple didn’t want Hulu on its streaming box because it directly competes with Apple’s own (highly profitable) iTunes offerings.

Then, yesterday, we get Amazon Instant Video on the iPad. Amazon Prime members have wanted this for a long time, but it was an even bigger weed in Apple’s walled garden than Hulu Plus. Not only does Amazon have a selection of for-purchase digital movies and TV shows that rivals Apple’s, its prices are always competitive with iTunes (and often cheaper).

Last, Apple added Sky Now TV (a smaller-scale Netflix) in the UK. It hasn’t really registered here in the US, but that makes three major content providers—read: competitors—that Apple’s embraced in two days.

Here’s where the speculation ramps up even more. Why would Apple suddenly agree to put Amazon Instant Video and Sky Now on the iPad and Hulu Plus on Apple TV? Because Apple TV is getting serious, and Apple’s laying the groundwork for it to finally have apps.

Source: Associated Press


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