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Enterprise Storage Requirement: Virtualized Infrastructure

Virtualized Infrastructure

With the rapid growth of virtualized, big data and cloud applications, IT organizations are struggling to keep up with rapidly expanding and intensifying storage requirements. The volume of unstructured data, in the form of text heavy documents, emails, records and images from industries such as health care and legal, is growing exponentially. Big data stores and content repositories are proliferating, while more powerful Xeon E5 based servers and enhanced hypervisors are enabling the spread of both virtualized and higher bandwidth applications.

Virtualized infrastructures are now the norm rather than the exception; the number of VM‐based applications per physical server has increased dramatically, putting pressure on the storage IO resources supporting those applications. Even with the growing adoption of SSDs and flash array technology, the server-to‐storage interconnect can become a bottleneck in these environments.

Despite these escalating storage demands, user expectations for IT service levels remain high. IT administrators can ill afford storage problems that result in downtime or sub‐par application performance, whether they impact internal users, external customers, or both. In such a competitive and even unforgiving environment, consistent and dependable storage availability, reliability and performance are more critical than ever.

Given the complex, heterogeneous and fast-changing nature of today’s networked storage environments; the requirements for enterprise storage extend well beyond performance. Here are the essential characteristics we believe enterprise customers should look for in a storage networking protocol solution:

• Reliable, lossless operation. To avoid the unpredictable and inconsistent performance resulting from dropped packets and retransmissions, along with the risk of loss of availability or connection, storage networking solutions should be fully lossless.

• Proven track record supporting Tier 1 applications. The solution must have demonstrated success in supporting a broad range of business-critical, production applications over many years.

• Predictable and consistent performance. The storage networking protocol should optimally utilize the underlying fabric to deliver predictable and consistent bandwidth, IOPS and/or transaction rates as needed by the application, along with low latency.

• Simple, easy to manage scalability. The storage network should be flat, simple and elastic, and scale up and down as needed. The solution should also scale out efficiently in virtual server infrastructures.

• Quality of service to cost effectively meet the needs of high-­priority tenants and applications. The solution must be able to cost effectively manage network traffic to ensure that the needs of high priority users and applications are satisfied first, even if it means reallocating resources away from other tenants/applications.

• Multi-vendor compatibility and interoperability. To enable freedom of choice and flexibility of deployment, the solution must be able to operate without modification across different vendors’ storage networking gear, while complying with relevant industry standards.

• Protection of investment. Clearly, the solution must protect the storage networking investments a customer has made in the past, by providing “out-of-the-box” backward compatibility with each new generation of technology.

• Technology roadmap delivering sustained innovation. Finally, the solution must provide a credible and compelling roadmap for technology and functional advances well into the future, to meet the ever more demanding needs of users and applications.

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