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Need for Data Protection Strategies for a Small Business

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Businesses of all sizes are witnessing an explosion in the volume of data they hold. Whether it is the result of the Internet, email, or increasingly heavy and media-rich application software, there is a massive growth in the volume of data all around. Conservative estimates from IDC in October, 2002, place data growth at approximately 80% per year. Data is increasingly being recognized as one of the real assets of a company, and losing this data would cause severe damage to any organization.

Data loss can be very costly, particularly for organizations in the small and medium business (SMB) market where the difference between survival and closure can rest on the ability to recover from a disaster. At the very least, critical data loss will have a financial impact on companies of all sizes. The financial impact on a company is a combination of loss of business, low productivity, legal action, and the cost of re-creating data.

Need for data protection strategy

With ever-increasing amounts of data to be stored, real threats of data loss, and increasing government legislation, it is little wonder that data protection has become a high priority. It is not just large and enterprise corporations that must protect their data, however. Predicted annual spending on data storage hardware, software, and services by SMBs is expected to

more than quadruple between 2002 and 2006 according to a report by Access Markets International (AMI). The report concludes that worldwide storage spending will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 43% over this four- year period.

Five years ago, the terms “disaster recovery” and “data protection” were synonymous with large budgets and an army of IT personnel to manage the process. But today’s business environment of low- cost disks, robust software, and high-performance tape drives enables companies of all sizes to proactively protect themselves from data loss and its threats to the business. Businesses, and especially SMBs, are looking for solutions that:

  • Reliably use the best technology for the application. They cannot afford backup failure.
  • Are simple to use and maintain—with ongoing low cost of ownership and low levels of complexity.
  • Provide enough capacity and enough performance. The backup must happen within the available backup window.
  • Offer a choice of suppliers and ease of data interchange.

All computer data is at risk from threat or damage. Even with the most reliable equipment and the most secure operating environment, there is always the possibility of something going wrong. A disruption of key primary or support operations can cause a crisis for any business. With careful consideration and planning you can create a backup schedule that provides full protection of your data with minimum disruption to your business.


There’s no doubt that we live in a data driven economy. Without immediate and constant data availability, companies grind to a halt. Relying solely on the small business owner’s ability to mentally recall the information is a high-risk venture that few would dare to bet their profits on. Yet gamble they do, either through becoming distracted so that data backups don’t get done, or by thinking that new technologies have everything covered.

Some small businesses assume the cloud can best the mightiest of storms. But even cloud-based backup and recovery services can fail to perform to expectations. At easySERVICE, we believe in today’s IT requirements “3C” Legacy backup problems – limited Capabilities, increased Complexity and high Cost – are no longer acceptable for any organization. Our disaster recovery solution deliver the robust backup and recovery capabilities you need to meet the visibility, scalability and disaster recovery requirements of your entire environment.

An effective backup strategy is essential if your business is to be safe from the effects of data loss. Our solution is suitable for Modern Data Protection – Built for Virtualization and Private cloud solutions, without a big price tag. We focus on building and designing the most appropriate infrastructure to meet the unique needs and characteristics of your individual business. Your data is too precious not to be protected by the best, most affordable and highly efficient data storage solution in the industry.


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