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iPad vs Laptop. why some folks are determined to get rid of the laptop?


Even though laptops are getting thin and light, some folks are determined to get rid of the laptop and go all in on the iPad. Ditching the laptop means the iPad must be used for everything, and that likely includes work. Using an iPad for work complicates things, and it requires giving some thought to the switch.

Once you’re sure the iPad can physically work, keyboard or not, the next big thing to consider is if Microsoft Office is a factor. Many we speak with need to use Office sometimes and at the time of publication it’s not an option on the iPad.

There are office suite alternatives available for the iPad, and these may be good enough for those who don’t work with complicated documents created with Office. Other app solutions can handle basic documents just fine, so the iPad may be able to handle them.

That may not be the case if your work consists of collaborating with others on such documents. Office handles teams working on documents much better than the alternative apps. While possible, you’ll have fewer headaches and find the collaboration much easier using Office. The iPad isn’t currently a good solution for this type of Office document work.

Microsoft is expected to soon release a version of Office for the iPad, so that might change. If this happens the way rumors indicate, the iPad will soon be a solid laptop replacement for the laptop.

So you’ve gone through the indicated process so far and you’re ready to buy an iPad and pitch the laptop in the ditch. Before you pull out the credit card, one question that must be answered is really important.

Source: Associated Press

Does your work require even one program that you use on the laptop that isn’t available on the iPad? Even one that you seldom use, but when you need it you really need it. If so, the iPad won’t work for you.

Recently a professional photographer approached me to get my take on his trading in the Macbook Pro for the iPad. He travels a lot for his work and really wanted to downsize to the iPad.

Discussing his needs, it didn’t take long to determine his reliance on the Final Cut Pro app. He uses it for final editing of his creative work, and couldn’t live without it. That killed the iPad for his use as FCP is only available for the Mac.

Based on this need, we determined downsizing from the MacBook Pro to the MacBook Air was the way to go.


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