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Google Infrastructure as a Service(IaaS) vs. Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Google Compute Engine will soon include important features that are sure to put the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform on a more even playing field with Amazon Web Services, according to industry sources.

Two of the key features Google Inc. must add to its Google Compute Engine (GCE) to be on par with Amazon Web Services (AWS) are autoscaling, a cloud computing service feature that automatically adds or removes compute resources depending upon actual usage, and reserved instances, which allow customers to purchase capacity for a fixed period of time for a lower fee than on-demand instances.

It’s unclear exactly when the new features will launch, but there is a Google Cloud Platform event scheduled for March 25, which will include an “overview of a brand new cloud platform service,” according to the event website.

“Autoscaling is huge, and reserved instances are huge too,” said one large enterprise customer, speaking on condition of anonymity, who said Google shared a product roadmap that includes both new features. “They are musts for running with large groups of users in the cloud.”

An IT services provider and Google partner based in Chicago echoes the desire for these features, particularly reserved instances.

“One of the challenges with Google has been lack of reserved instances,” he said. “If we connect Salesforce to Google Search appliance, it’s always running, so our option has been to either go with Google and pay a lot or use AWS Reserved Instances, which is cheaper.”

The infrastructure is more mature in Amazon, but the performance reports show that Google’s infrastructure performs better, and you have no fee for bringing data into the platform.

Google also offers cloud storage, in competition with AWS’s Simple Storage Service, and a big data service known as Big Query.

Source: Associated Press


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