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After three days iOS 7.1 has been installed on over a fifth of active iOS devices


The Android 4.4 “KitKat” update has been out since 31 October, 2013 and as of the beginning of this month it was running on 2.5 percent of Android devices. On the other hand, Apple released iOS 7.1 on Monday, and after only three days it has already been installed on 21 percent of iOS devices.

The data, which is based on metrics released by analytics firm Mixpanel.

The data provided by Mixpanel fits in with data provided by Apple that claimed that 83 percent of iOS devices are running iOS 7 before iOS 7.1 was released.

The second most popular version of iOS is iOS 7.0.6, running over 36 percent of iOS devices. This version was released February 21, and patched a serious security vulnerability affecting SSL verification.

iOS 7.1 bought with it a mix of both interface improvements and tweaks, as well as numerous bug fixes and security patches.

The speed and ferocity with which iOS users upgrade to the latest version shows that users clearly are interested in new versions of mobile operating systems. But when it comes to Android the problem is that Google is the beginning of a long system that updates have to go through, and this puts huge roadblocks in the way of getting the updates to end users.

Whenever Google releases a new version of Android, device OEMs have to then customize the release, add their own tweaks and personalizations. Then, for smartphones and tablets that are hooked to a carrier contract, the carriers have to add their own branding. The problem is made worse by the fact that neither the OEMs of the carriers feel there’s much of a benefit in pushing free software updates to customers, and would rather focus on selling owners a new device.

Source: Associated Press


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