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VMware launching vCloud Government Service


Between Microsoft and VMware, it’s a busy day for the cloud industry as far as the government is concerned.

The public sector is panning out to be the hot spot for the cloud industry this year as more U.S. government agencies warm up to the idea of much-needed upgrades for legacy systems.

VMware is honing its own portfolio with the introduction of its new vCloud Government Service as the virtualization giant aims to secure FedRAMP certification for the platform. The hybrid cloud service is based upon an identical architecture to the vCloud Hybrid Service for enterprise clients.

VMware’s vCloud Government Service is scheduled to become generally available in during the second half of 2014.

VMware’s public sector cloud news follows reports earlier on Tuesday about a similar offering being tested by Microsoft.

The Redmond, Wash.-headquartered corporation has commenced private testing of its Windows Azure Government Cloud, the Azure variant specifically for U.S. government customers.

Plans for that version, codenamed Fairfax, was first unveiled last October.

IBM and Amazon Web Services, among others, have been at the forefront of providing cloud services for government agencies. But we can only expect this area to become more competitive as the year goes on.

An IDC report last summer projected that U.S. federal private cloud spending would surpass $1.7 billion this year alone.

Source: Associated Press

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